Filling CO2 Pressure Regulator

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Performance Introduction

■Main Useage
It is used in beverage filling soda and beer with carbon dioxide. It can also be used in gas protection,agricultural plant.

■ Body & Cover
They are forged from high-quality brass.
The surface is polished and electroplated.
The appearance is elegant.

■Safety Valve
With a pull ring safety valve device, it has double protection and is more safe to use.

■Inlet Port
The adjustment handwheel is lighter and safer. And there is a built-in patent brass device for gas filtering at the inlet.

■Pressure Gauge
It is equipped with a slow gas hole and can pass 25000 fatigue test.

It conforms to KS of South Korea.

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Pressure Range

lnlet & outlet thread

lnlet & outlet gas form

Usage environment

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